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Where to find works of Marcelle Cahn ?

The work of Marcelle Cahn is mainly in storage in museums. One would say her works are not being shown around the world. Anyway some of her works are kept alive in private collections.



- CAMBRAI, Musée

- CHOLET, Musée d'Art et d'Histoire

- COLMAR, Musée d'Unterlinden

- DIJON, Musée des Beaux-Arts

+ Collège Le Parc, Dijon (a painted metal spacial-mobile)
+ Collège Paul Fort, Is-sur-Tille (a painted polyester spacial-mobile)


- LILLE, Palais des Beaux-Arts

- MACON, Musée des Ursulines

- MOUANS-SARTOUX, Espace de l'Art Concret

- PARIS, Musée d'Art Moderne

- PARIS, Musée d’Art Moderne du Centre Georges Pompidou

- PONTOISE, Musée Tavet-Delacour

- LES SABLES d'OLONNE, Musée de l'Abbaye Sainte-Croix

- SAINT-ETIENNE, Musée d'Art Moderne

- STRASBOURG, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art,
   part of the Marcelle Cahn collection is available on their website



Fondation Verbeke, Westakker 9190 Kemzeke (Stekene)


Sztuki Museum, LODZ


Berardo Museum, Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art, LISBON

A non-exhaustive list
A self-guided walking tour "In the footsteps of Marcelle Cahn in Strasbourg" Click here. The booklet "Rencontres avec Marcelle Cahn" is published. Click here
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