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Cercle des Amis de Marcelle Cahn -CAMC-



In 1980 Marcelle Cahn made a donation of what was left in her workshop , of her books and of her personal archives to the Museum of Modern Arts in Strasbourg.


« Le Cercle des Amis de Marcelle Cahn » was established in Strasbourg in March 2004 with the objective of helping to actively rediscover the abundant, diverse work of this artist from Strasbourg.




                                                          CAMC c/o Michèle BOUSQUET 

                         26 avenue du Général de Gaulle   67 000 Strasbourg   Tel : 03 88 61 06 17


The CAMC is registered in the Association Register of the Court of Strasbourg, Volume 82, Folio n° 110, under the identification SIRET 494 216 864 00012   Code APE 913 E

A self-guided walking tour "In the footsteps of Marcelle Cahn in Strasbourg" Click here. The booklet "Rencontres avec Marcelle Cahn" is published. Click here
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